PARAT assembly service

Upgrade your machine

Quick and easy assembly service in our manufacturing plant
rd obersupport basis


Swivelling instead of changing


Your advantages:

  • High repeat accuracy of 0.005 mm when swivelling out and swivelling in again
  • No additional finishing cuts with fits
  • Less frequent opening of the sliding hoods
  • Minimal change of the change tool holder
  • Fast and easy change through eccentric clamping
  • Clamping bolt with high attenuation and expansion zone on the thread to reduce force in case of accidents
  • Short coolant hose owing to clamping bolt with coolant bore
  • Wide range of tool holders for all tools
  • 5-year warranty from the manufacturer


The PARAT 4-way turret,

and this is how it comes to your machine:

SJust send us,by prior agreement, your existing tool system with console or
upper support, and you will get it back in no time with your newly
assembled PARAT turret.
Just align it on your machine and screw tight... done.
Now you can start enjoying your new tool system.

Size on console on upper support
RD 1 290,00 € 360,00 €
RD 2 310,00 € 390,00 €
RD 3 325,00 € 410,00 €
RD 4 460,00 € 540,00 €
RD 5 on request on request
  Prices excluding packaging, transport and VAT

Special consoles and
adaptations available
on request Examples:


gildemeister 1

RD 3 with console for Gildemeister NEF 710


RD 2 with console for Haas TL 2